WordPress In-Depth Course

WordPress In-Depth Course

Course Benefit

  • Company build a feature rich website (web application) their own
  • Company can save money on expensive maintain fee or setup fee from vendors.

Course Information

  • Training Duration: 119 hours 
  • Assignment : In-class
  • Certification will be issued to all trainee completed the each section.
  • Training Location : Mixed with our office, client office, and online.
  • Number of class per week : Depend on Business Needs

Price $11,900 cdn per trainee


This course is a comprehensive WordPress course. divided into 5 sections: WordPress Basic, WordPress Theme Design, WordPress Feature Integration, WordPress Wooecommerce, and WordPress Marketing Automation. It train a employee from zero technical background to become a person able to make a feature rich website (Web Application). It is designed for company want to build and maintain a feature rich website without spending huge money on create and maintain a web application. 

With WordPress powerful modular plugins , today people can add features by features in their website to become web application without coding.  However,  you need to have technical knowledge of how WordPress work to integrate different modal together.

WordPress Basic is designed to train a student building a website with WordPress  without technical background.  After this section, student can build, modify and maintain a website with WordPress from zero.


  • How to create your website address exist in Internet world
  • How to add security certificate to your website
  • The two different versions of WordPress
  • How to set this up with separate registrar and host, for more security
  • How to install WordPress.
  • An overview of the Dashboard
  • What is WordPress themes
  • How to delete and add theme
  • Finding and installing WordPress themes to instantly change the look and feel of your website.
  • Introduce Sidebar, header, and footer concept
  • What is WordPress Plugins
  • How to update WordPress, themes, and plugins.
  • Dashboard and important setup (Email, Logo,Site Name)
  • The user profiles and role concept
    create navigation systems on your site, with custom menus, internal linking, and related post sections.
  • Where to find amazing legal free images online
  • Enabling and dealing with visitor comments.
  • Using the media library for images, video and more.
  • The difference between pages and posts, and a simple way to know which one you should be using for each bit of content you publish on your website.
  • Effective use of categories and tags. Using these incorrectly can get your site penalized or even banned from search engines.
  • How to create content using both the Classic editor
  • How to publish posts, and even schedule them so they will be published at some future date.
  • Using post revisions.
  • Two different types of homepage. A blog style page v a more traditional “static” homepage.
  • Using widgets on your site to add neat features.
  • social media setup
  • Introduce some popular plugins
    • Slideshow
    • Google Map
    • Image Lighbox
    • News Show, etc
    • Action Button
    • Floating Social Icon
    • Contact Form
  • How you can control multiple WordPress site in single administration
  • How to backup a WordPress site
  • How to restore your backup.

Prerequisite: None

Although WordPress is designed with no technical background people using, you still need many technical background to custom made to good quality level or modify theme and plugin to fit your needs,


  • What is HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • CSS public library
  • Modify or hack the theme with best practise
  • Understanding typical themes structure
  • Understanding WordPress theme structure
  • How to design a website fit for different devices screen today
  • Design page from scratch with Elementor
  • Elementor interface
    • Templates
    • Tools
    • Elementor Addon
    • Extra Addon
    • How to use Elementor to create menu, sidebar, footer

Prerequisite: WordPress Basic

This section is designed to teach student technical background so they can modify plugin, integrate, and debugging them. It cover programming concept, library setup, database, data submit from website to server, WordPress plugin architecture. After taking this course,  we expect you can read plugin coding and so you can modify them


  • Introduction of PHP language
  • Declaration, Loop, if statement
  • Functional Programming
  • Object-oriented programming concept
  • Search function PHP library with online tools
  • Library attachment in system
  • Coding best practices
  • Update Database with SQL
  • Debugging skill
  • POST, GET, AJAX submit method
  • PHP security
  • WordPress Plugin Architecture

Prerequisite: WordPress Basic, WordPress Theme Design 

This section is designed to teach student one of the most popular eCommerce plugin – wooCommerce  We will teach student how install and setup and explain their design and architecture.


  • How to Install a Wooecommerce module
  • Setting up your store
  • Adding products, including images and data
    Setting up taxes
  • Connecting Google Analytics and MailChimp
  • Managing orders and reports
  • Setting up shipping
  • Configuring payment options
  • Wooecommerce layout and File Structure
    • Archive Product/Shop Page
      Part 2 – Single Product Page
      Part 3 – Cart and Checkout Pages
      Part 4 – Order Complete and My Account Pages

Prerequisite: WordPress Basic, WordPress Theme Design, WordPress Feature Integration, or exception granted

This section is designed to teach student one of the most popular eCommerce plugin – wooCommerce  We will teach student how install and setup and explain their design and architecture.


  • Introduction to Marketing Automation
  • Install & Configuring MailChimp
  • Upgrading the site to PHP 7.0
  • Abandoned cart automation – Part 1
  • Abandoned cart automation – Part 2
  • Abandoned cart automation – Part 3
  • Specific product follow-up automation
  • First purchase automation
  • Automations live run
  • Order notifications automations
  • Creating a pop-up subscription form

Prerequisite: WordPress Basic, WordPress Theme Design, WordPress Feature Integration, WordPress Wooecommerce or exception granted

** Canada Ontario Job Grant may apply to this course to reimburse your company expenses. ** For details, please contact us