Comprehensive and Custom-made Online Marketing Course

Company Benefits

  • Your employees can handle most of the online marketing jobs
  • Create Effective Online Marketing Plan
  • Get more leads from online marketing
  • Brand buildings using online channel
  • Convert more sales from leads
  • Get more followers
  • Create and modify website

Course Information

  • Comprehensive Online Marketing Training : 105 hours
  • Custom made Training : 35 hours
  • Project Assignment : 4 – 8 weeks with our support.
  • Certification will be issued to all trainee completed the course
  • Training Location : Mixed with our office, client office, and online.
  • Number of class per week : Depend on Business Needs.

Price $10,000 cdn per trainee


This course is included comprehensive online marketing session and custom made course session specific for company.  Our online marketing experts will discuss with company management to decide custom made course materials. For example, video production effect

In comprehensive online marketing session, we will teach students both theoretical and practical material in online marketing topics. Student will learn vast various ways in doing online marketing, what is their pros and cons, mechanic behind those strategies. We will be further discuss and practice on popular and trending strategics in details.  Most topics we will provide in-class and after class assignments, so students can implement it in real working environment.

In custom made course session, student will learn more advanced details, hands-on skills and tricks in selected area.  We want to train up a student can best fit your company needs. Some industries working experts might be invited to sharing with student the most updated market information in those area.

At the end, student will request to do a final project assignment. This project is very similar to project the company needs. We will provide online supports to students ensure they can have enough supports to complete the projects. After the assignment is completed, company may consider to apply the same project on your company.

** Canada Ontario Job Grant may apply to this course to reimburse your company expenses. ** For details, please contact us